Knowledge transfer in the field of calibration of non-automatic weighing instruments

Within the scope of EURAMET Focus Group on Facilitating National Metrology Infrastructure Development in June 2009 MIRS will organise and execute a training workshop, where the Calibration Guide EURAMET cg-18 will be introduced to participants from South-Eastern European countries. Experience on calibration practices and evaluation of measurement uncertainty will be exchanged between participants.

It is the goal of the process that the participants are also able to disseminate the knowledge on a calibration of non-automatic weighing instruments further on their national level.

Final Report 2009-08-04

In the frames of EURAMET Focus group on National Metrology Infrastructure Development a three day training on Calibration of Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments was held in Ljubljana in period from 16.-18. June 2009.
All together ten participants from five countries of SEE region joined the training. Two participants from each of the following organizations were present:

  • General Directorate of Metrology, Albania;Bureau of Metrology, Macedonia;
  • Directorate of Measures and Precious Metals, Serbia; Bureau of Metrology, Montengro;
  • Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina

The topic of the training was presented based on the Guide EURAMET/cg-18/v.02 including among others description of measurement methods, explanation of measurement results and thorough presentation of calculation of uncertainty of measurements. As far as pedagogical aspect is concerned an effort was put it to balance both the theoretical part of the training and the practical part of it. In the morning sessions presented topics were immediately tried out during the afternoon hands-on training sessions. This enabled the discussion to become vivid and daily progress of participants evident. Practical work was conducted in small groups of three to four participants, all coming from different organizations. Not only that the knowledge and experience transfer were encouraged by this, but also personal relationships among experts were established and fixed.
We believe that gained knowledge will enable the participants to share it with the interested parties in their area and to implement it in their daily routines.

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