Key-Comparison of Spectral Diffuse Reflectance

Project Description

At the CCPR-K5 comparison the measurements are not finished yet. Therefore the first draft output is still faraway. I think we do not need to have to wait with the start until the first draft comes out, but we need some informal experience about the CCPR comparison from Ted Early what we should relay on.
Pilot LAB proposal for technical protocol:

  • comparison method:
  • star type – first pilot LAB measurements, than participants, than pilot LAB again
  • spectral range: 360-780 nm in 20 nm steps
  • samples: 3 peace of ceramic tile: either CERAM (used at CCPR K5) or BCR-406 opal glasses from the European Commission
  • measurement geometry: 0/d, d/0, 8/d or 8/t (the pilot will use 8/t)

Proposed agenda:

  • pilot will circulate a technical protocol plan by the end of June 2004.
  • participants reply by the end of September 2004.
  • 2th circulate a technical protocol based on participants remark and CCPR experience the end of October 2004.
  • Order of the samples: by the end of December 2004
  • Measurements starts in 2005 and can be finished in 2005
  • The first draft depend on the CCPR drafts too. EUROMET-Key-Comparison will followed the CCPR-K5

It is be organised as a comparison of the value assigned by participants to transfer standards.
The transfer standards’ value will be based on the CCPR-K5 Reference Value. The CCPR-KCRV will be introduced by the pilot laboratory and one more laboratory for the link.The comparison is carried out in the spectral range of 360-800 nm by 50 nm steps.
The comparison is planned as a star type on white diffuse samples. The pilot laboratory will measure the samples before and after the measurement of participants.

Final Report 2018-01-22

The comparison has been completed and results are published in the KCDB.

Progress Report 2017-01-27

The editorial comments that Draft B has received have been corrected. The final Draft was submitted to WG-KC for approval.
No other activities.

Progress Report 2016-01-13

The revised Draft B version of the final report was sent to the TC-PR chair at 23rd January 2015. The lack of resources to make the re-calculations to two linking laboratories was reported at TC-PR meeting.
No other activities.

Progress Report 2013-02-14

The draft A was circulated by the end of November 2011 but without the CCPR-K5 key comparison reference value because it was not public at that time. Since then the CCPR key comparison reference value was  published.
Agenda for the future:
The Draft A including the CCPR KCRV will be available by the end of April and the Draft B by the end of the year 2013.

Progress Report 2012-02-27

The comparison is running with a delay compared with time table of the last report. Unfortunately it strongly depends on the appearance of the CCPR-K5 final draft.
The following has happened up till the last meeting:
- Draft A: was finished by the end of March 2011.
Agenda for the future: I would like to come out with the next draft by the end of April 2012