Key comparison of 50/60 Hz Electrical Power

Project Description

A key comparison of 50/60 Hz of power standards is currently being organised under the CCEM.

This EURAMET key comparison will take place just after the EURAMET loop of the CCEM comparison, this means after 24 January 2019.

VSL, PTB, NPL and LNE jointly coordinate the EURAMET comparison:

  • PTB and VSL: suppliers each of one travelling standard
  • PTB: reference measurements
  • LNE: management task, schedule organisation
  • VSL/NPL: analysis and reporting task

PTB will supply 2 reference standards of the type RADIAN RD-22.

Two parallel loops will be defined.

The technical protocol proposed is the same as for the CCEM comparison:

  • RMS voltage = 120 V and 240 V
  • RMS current = 5 A
  • Power factor = 1.0 ; 0,5 lead ; 0,5 lag ; 0 lead ; 0 lag
  • Frequency = 53 Hz (Total amount of testing points = 10)

Progress Report 2019-10-01

This comparison is carried out in two parallel loops, with two travelling standards (RD22). PTB, who is in charge of the reference measurements, started the two loops in January 2019. Both loops are still on schedule, that is, the standards are at PTB again at mid-term. There are no issues so far.

Electricity and Magnetism (EM)
Coordinating Institute
VSL (Netherlands)