Intercomparison of water triple-point cell

Project Description

The objective of this project is to assess the uncertainties associated to the practical realisation of the triple point of water in the various Europeen laboratories. This project will be carried out through the circulation of one or two triple point cells associated with an isothermal enclosure. For every participaring laboratory the work to be performed is to compare the local realisation of the triple point of water to the circulating one.

The Turkey National Laboratory (named UME) would like to be joined to this intercomparison. Therefore, if it was no objection, it would be interested to be introduced in the schedule of the circulation.

Final Report 1997-06-30

The project has been completed and the results are published in Metrologia, Volume 37, Number 6 (

Thermometry (T)
Eliane Renaot, LNE-INM (France)
Coordinating Institute
Participating Partners