Intercomparison of 100 mH inductance standards

Final Report

Executive Report

27 September 2006

This intercomparison is a follow-up comparison of EUROMET.EM-S20 (projectnr. 607). A 100 mH inductance standard will be circulated. The measurement is to be made at the frequency of 1000 Hz, a measurement current of 1 mA and a temperature of 23 °C.

Proposal, 4 October 2004

This comparison is a follow-up of project 607. Due to the good behaviour of the travelling standard, it has been decided to organise a follow-up comparison extended to all the interested Institute. It is expected that those Institutes that have already participated in project 607 with satisfactory results will not take part in this comparison.

The same 100 mH thermostated inductance standard will be used, after having slightly changed the value of the standard. The measurements will be carried out following the same technical protocol as in project 607.

This comparison is aimed to be a supplementary comparison in support of the Calibration and Measurement Capabilities of the participants.

Further Information

To reduce the workload of the pilot laboratory, it is proposed that the organization of this comparison is shared among at least three partners. A division of tasks is proposed as follows:

INM: is responsible for the schedule and keeps track of the travelling standard

PTB: performs the pilot measurements on the travelling standards to determine their behaviour during the comparison

NMI VSL: collects the results, performs the data analysis and prepares the draft/final reports

INRIM: provides one of the travelling standards and assists in preparing the technical protocol