Industrial standards in the intermediate pressure-to-vacuum range

Short Name: pres2vac, Project Number: 14IND06
Industry inspector

New industrial standards in the intermediate pressure range

Accurate control of intermediate pressures in industrial environments can prevent the spread of contaminants and improve efficiency in many industrial processes, such as those used in power plants, petrochemical and pharmaceutical production, and the storage of nuclear and toxic wastes. Traceable intermediate-range pressure measurements must be provided in these industries in order to satisfy international requirements regarding safety, precision, sterility and performance. Conventional calibration procedures are however extremely dependent on weather conditions and often target uncertainty levels cannot be achieved. High-accuracy primary standards and alternative calibration techniques, whose accuracy is independent of ambient conditions, need to be developed to meet the requirements of industry. This project will develop new pressure standards and calibration methods for absolute, positive and negative gauge pressures in the intermediate range. The results will increase the efficiency and safety of industrial processes, provide a basis for new technologies and reduce the risk of environmental contamination.

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Other Participants
Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal)
INFICON AG (Liechtenstein)
Panepistimio Thessalias (Greece)
Trescal Limited (United Kingdom)
Umeå Universitet (Sweden)
Univerzita Karlova v Praze (Czech Republic)