Improvement of technical procedures in gas metrology

Progress review


Notification received 27 December 2005



Proposal, 15 June 2005


LNE and IPQ have agreed to set up a cooperation program in the field of gas metrology. The main objective is to compare working ways and to share experiences in the different areas of gas metrology. The cooperation will cover these specific points:


Preparation of gravimetric gas mixtures

Certification of gas mixtures and calibration of analyzers

Determination of the impurities in pure gases

Dynamic generation


This collaborative effort is based on exchange of scientists for a period of time (3 weeks) in order to allow specialists to understand and to master, “on the field”, the different techniques and methods implemented in the two NMIs. A scientist from IPQ will visit LNE in June 2005, a scientist from LNE will visit IPQ in 2006. Procedures will be compared and improved. Best practices will be identified


See Appendix for the specific program

Further Information

A MoU has been signed between LNE and IPQ

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