Guidance on uncertainty calculations for force calibrations

Proposal, 22 February 2006

At the EUROMET Mass and Related Quantities TC meeting in Greece in March 2005, it was agreed that the EA calibration document EA 10/04 "Uncertainty of Calibration Results in Force Measurements" (1996) was not up to date, especially Section 9 (dealing with the uncertainty calculations of EN 10002-3 calibrations), and that it should be revised. This revision should take into account work being carried out within ISO/TC 164/SC 1/WG 3 - a working group set up to develop an Annex for ISO 376 dealing with calibration uncertainty. It was also agreed at the meeting that this EA document should, among others, be adopted as a EUROMET calibration guidance document and that the necessary revisions should be carried out as one or more EUROMET projects.

This project will address the revision of EA 10/04, taking into account the proposed amendments to ISO 376, and its issuing as a EUROMET calibration guidance document. It is hoped that most of the development and discussion can be carried out electronically, but there may be the need for one or more meetings of interested parties to progress the work.