Gas metrology by calibration-free infrared laser-spectrometry as a potential primary method (Traceable IR laser-spectrometric amount fraction measurements, TILSAM)

Laser spectrometry can be used to measure traceable amount of substance fractions of gas species in gas mixtures. A new effort is being planned now within some laboratories of the Gas Analysis Working Group (GAWG) of the CCQM to address spectroscopy as a primary method in gas analysis.

The aim of this EUROMET project is to establish a comparable metrology basis on infrared laser-spectrometry for measurements of amount fractions without calibration procedures.

Key objectives are:
- to develop a protocol for direct-traceable IR laser-spectrometric amount fraction measurements (target date 6/2008)
- to organize a comparison of spectrometric amount fraction measurements based on traceable molecular line strengths for CO2 at levels of 100 - 1000 µmol/mol in N2, the spectrometric results shall be compared to a gravimetric standard (start 1/2009, finalized till 12/2009)
- to agree on a set of molecules and molecular lines to measure traceable line strength data (finalized till 3/2009)

Activities that will be considered will also include the discussion of different laser-spectrometric techniques suitable for the development of spectrometric primary methods. Progress within this project will also be reported to the GAWG of CCQM.

The objectives of the project shall be supported by holding:
- a setup meeting for those EUROMET laboratories interested in the project
- a workshop linked to the activities/progress of the CCQM-GAWG spectroscopy interests to bring together EUROMET laboratories and representatives of communities interested in gas metrology

The results of the project and the comparison will be reported back to METCHEM (interim reports Feb 08 and Feb 09, final report Feb 10).


Interim Report (Feb 2011)

Comparison Report

Further Information

[May 07]The setup meeting should be allowed by a discussion on a collaborative research project within the EUROMET EMRP framework

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