Force traceability within the meganewton range

Short Name: Force, Project Number: SIB63
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Better measurements of larger forces: Measurements to support large mechanical engineering projects 

Many industrial and civil engineering applications need force measurement and there is increasing demand for the measurement of larger forces of up to 30 meganewtons (MN). National Measurement Institutes can measure between 1 and 15 MN using a variety of force standard machines and build-up systems can be used for higher forces. However, no standards or guidelines are currently available to calculate their uncertainties. This project will extend the range of primary force standards up to at least 30 MN with a target uncertainty of 0.05 %. It will also improve transfer standards to help reliably disseminate the unit of force and improve force measurements in industry. This will result in improved accuracies for mechanical testing with more realistic estimations of measurement uncertainties. This will establish a basis for further developments in mechanical engineering, the aerospace, energy and building industries, and safety and testing.

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