Follow-up study on electrolytic conductivity measurements of bioethanol

Project Description

Due to the poor equivalence of results in EURAMET study "Study on electrolytic conductivity measurements of bioethanol", it was decided among the participants to repeat the comparison. From the preceding study the institutes have identified room for improvements regarding their measurement setups, sample preparation and cell calibration.

Results of primary and secondary electrolytic conductivity measurements of bioethanol will be compared with respect to stability, comparability (traceability) and equivalence. Secondary cells will be calibrated with a 1.3µS/cm, glycerol based KCI solution, prepared and shipped by DFM. PTB will prepare and the bioethanol samples. Synthetical ethanol has turned out to be not stable enough to provide meaningful results for a comparison and will therefore not be measured.
The study is related to workpackage 3 of the EMRP Project "Metrology for Biofuels".

Final Report 2019-01-18

Comparison was not carried out.
A pilot study CCQM-P153 was carried out and completed, which was related to this issue. 


Metrology in Chemistry (MC)
Coordinating Institute
PTB (Germany)
Participating Partners
DFM (Denmark)