External Beam Cancer Therapy

Short Name: EBCT, Project Number: T2.J07
In the European Union there are about 2.3 million cancer incidents every year. In terms of the number of deaths caused per year, cancer ranges second in the European mortality statistics. Given the massive extent of the cancer threat, decisive measures are required to improve cure rates.

The project supports an interdisciplinary approach to combat cancer. For example, dosimetry techniques are well-understood in ionizing radiation, but these concepts are only just being addressed for High Intensity Therapeutic Ultrasound (HITU). Metrology for ionising radiation has a long history, and much experience has been gained in radiation therapy in clinical environments, a field where ultrasound can draw advantages from. Metrology of ultrasound will bring new ideas into this field and will also stimulate a desirable and healthy competition between the two fields.

The central objective of this project was to provide reliable measuring techniques for all forms of cancer therapy based on external radiation. This includes freshly emerging techniques such as High Intensity Therapeutic Ultrasound and modern forms of cancer therapy using ionizing radiation, like Hadron Therapy and Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT).

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