EUROMET supplementary comparison TF.TI-K1 Comparison of time interval (cable delay) measurement

Project Description

At the EUROMET meeting held in Ljubljana on 3-4 April 2003 an idea on timeinterval comparison was discussed. As most plausible solution, a cable delay measurement was selected. Werner Mache (BEV) suggested to produce three cables with different length, equipped with BNC female connectors and enclosed in a box. BEV is therefore responsible for providing the travelling standard. BEV was selected as a pilot laboratory, which is responsible for coordinating the schedule, collecting and analysing the comparison data, and preparing the report.

The selected travelling standard is a set of three cables of approximate lengths of 4 m, 10 m and 35 m. Semi rigid cables used have excellent long term stability as well as small and reversible temperature dependability of time delay variations due to changes of refraction index of cable dielectric.

Measured quantity is time delay, defined as time from the pulse entering the cable to time when the same instance of the pulse appears at the output of the cable. Optionally, time delay using CW signal of 1 GHz can be performed.

 Final Report 2007-06-01

The project has been completed and the report can be downloaded here>>
The appendix to the final report can be downloaded here>>