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Establishing traceability for liquid density measurements

Short Name: rhoLiq, Project Number: 17RPT02
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Bottling plant

Improving calibration facilities for liquid density measurement

For a range of sectors that includes food and pharmaceuticals, liquid products are often quantified by mass or volume; since liquid density is directly related to those two quantities, it is itself a key parameter. The availability of more accurate density measurement would facilitate manufacturers’ compliance with EU Directives and national laws, as well as making their products more competitive. Across Europe, however, there is insufficient technical capability at emerging National Measurement Institutes (NMIs) to deliver the high-level calibration work needed.


This project will build the technical capacity of participants in order to deliver high accuracy measurement of liquid density for industrial users. The emerging NMIs will upgrade or develop new systems, with an investigation of parameters known to affect density measurement. Production of validated density reference materials will further increase the range of technical services offered participating laboratories. Users will benefit from the good practice guides to be developed, the project results also supporting the revision of international standards.


Coordinator: Andreia Furtado (IPQ)


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