Electromagnetic Interference on Static Electricity Meters

Short Name: MeterEMI, Project Number: 17NRM02
Home energy smart meter
Restoring customer confidence in smart meter readings

With a rollout of 200 million digital smart meters across Europe, the new wireless technology should give users real-time, accurate measurement of electricity consumption. Some meters, however, have been in error by hundreds of percent, with electrical interference identified as the cause of incorrect customer billing. Given that all such meters had passed inspection under the EU Measuring Instrument Directive (MID), there is a clear need to improve meter test methods, update existing standards and restore consumer confidence.


This project will develop methods to test the accuracy of smart meters for electricity consumption. Using high-precision measurements of real-world electrical disturbances, a testbed will be built in order to assess meter performance under similar, recreated conditions. To help settle billing disputes, interference-immune meter designs will be identified for on-site inspections; diagnostic algorithms will also be developed for the identification of transient current types. Ultimately, the results will support European and international standards and help restore consumer confidence in smart meter usage.

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Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Spain)
Universiteit Twente (Netherlands)