Dynamic Force Measurement

Project Description

In the past PTB has built up facilities to generate dynamic forces and has carried out research work to investigate the different influences which have to be taken into account in dynamic force measurement. PTB is further developing the facilities to cover larger force and frequency ranges and to reduce the uncertainty according to the needs of industry. NPL and SP have also started with research work in the field of dynamic force measurement.

During the TC meeting “Mass and related quantities” PTB proposed this project with the aim of scientific cooperation in the field of dynamic force measurement to exchange of the knowledge in this field and to discuss the future developements in this field according to the needs of industry. In many dynamic applications force measuring devices are used which are calibrated by static procedures, but the devices are used under dynamic conditions. Therefore there is a need of traceable dynamic measurements.

In TC projects meetings the partners will report about the developments in their institutes in the field of dynamic force measurement and the participants will discuss the developments in this fields in respect to the future needs of industry and research. National and international standards and procedures which are available will be discussed in the meetings in respect to the role of National Metrology Institutes to develop traceable procedures for dynamic measurements in the TC Mass and related quantities.

Based on the research work and the discussion in the meetings also new EUROMET guidelines for dynamic force measurements can be worked out in this project.

Mass and Related Quantities (M)
Rolf Kumme (PTB)
Coordinating Institute
PTB (Germany)