Development of scientific and technical capabilities in the field of chemical analysis

Short Name: ChemMet-Cap, Project Number: 16RPT01
Image of a quality control expert inspecting chicken eggs in a laboratory
Quality control expert inspecting chicken eggs in a laboratory

Improving Europe’s chemical measurements to meet new regulations

Detecting trace amounts of chemicals within larger samples has many important applications, including food standards, air quality, waste monitoring, and soil analysis. Chemical metrology is less developed than physical metrology and lacks the calibration infrastructure.

Many emerging NMIs and DIs struggle to provide the level of uncertainty required by increasingly demanding food safety standards and environmental legislation.


This project will improve chemical metrology capabilities and traceability for emerging NMIs/DIs. Specific outcomes will include calibration methods for trace element analysis based on the traceable isotope dilution mass spectrometry methodology, and pH measurement cells with low uncertainties for use in field laboratories.

It will develop long term strategies to ensure the new capabilities and skills are embedded within emerging NMIs/DIs. This will give chemical analysis laboratories throughout Europe access to better quality chemical measurements, providing the infrastructure needed to support new environmental directives and food safety requirements.


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Institut National de Recherche et d'Analyse Physico-Chimique (Tunisia)