Development of RF and microwave metrology capability

Short Name: RFMicrowave, Project Number: 15RPT01
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The radio frequency and microwave (RF&MW) field has undergone revolutionary changes in the last 40 years and today, RF&MW technology is more pervasive than ever. This is especially true for commercial markets, where modern applications include cellular and smart phones, wireless networking, direct broadcast satellite, television, global positioning systems, wideband radio and radar systems, and microwave remote sensing systems for environment, biomedical and healthcare applications (to name but a few). This project aimed to develop research and measurement capacities as well as expertise for emerging EURAMET countries in RF&MW. It was achieved by transferring theoretical and practical know-how between the project partners and by combining their skills to focus on microwave and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) measurements. The outcomes of this project have been vital for reducing the gap between the European countries in terms of metrological capabilities in radio frequency (100 kHz – 300 MHz) and microwave frequency (300 MHz – 300 GHz).


Co-ordinator: Murat Celep, Ulusal Metroloji Enstitüsü (UME), Turkey

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Other Participants
National Institute for Standards (Egypt)
National Quality Infrastructure System (Greece)
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Spain)