Developing a Standard for Valid Methodology for the Characterisation of Functional Alloy Thin Films

Short Name: TF-STANDARD, Project Number: 14SIP05
Flexible printed circuit board

Thin film measurements to boost development of low-cost, high-efficiency products

Thin film materials possess novel properties, which make them ideal for use in solid state lighting and solar panels. Precise analysis of the composition and structural properties of the films is crucial to their development and exploitation, as it greatly affects their performance. Many industries, including instrument manufacturers such as Helmut Fischer GmbH, need access to appropriate calibration samples and reference materials to enable them to make precise and reliable analysis of thin films for process control and quality management. EMRP project Thin Films developed traceable measurement techniques to determine the composition and indepth gradient of thin film samples. This project built on these results to provide thin film calibration samples and standard industry operating procedures for traceable measurements of composition through an inhomogeneous film.


The project also generated a New Work Item Proposal (NWIP) for ISO/TC 201 (Surface Chemical Analysis) for the use of thin film reference materials for X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysis for the characterisation of functional alloy thin films where up to now no Certified Reference Materials were available.

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