Project Description

This key comparison is also described as EUROMET M.M-K2 and linked to the corresponding comparison CCM.M-K2.The comparison consists of·five ”petals” of five laboratories each·six sets of mass standards. One set is kept at the pilot laboratory in order to monitor the intrinsic stability of the weight standards used.·each set is composed of five mass standards of the following nominal values: 10kg / 500g / 20g / 2g / 100mg

At present the comparison within fourth stage which means that the circulation of the standards is completed. Evaluation of results is in progress at NPL (UK). Draft A is in preparation by NPL.The management group for this comparison consists of representatives from SP(SE), NPL(UK) and OMH(HU).

Work schedule:

Preparation and circulation of draft A in spring 2004 by NPL (UK).

Draft B will be presented at the EUROMET meeting 2005.

- first stage: the pilot laboratory
- purchases the standards
- determines the density and magnetic permeability of the standards
- monitors the stability of the standards during at least one year

- second stage
each set is calibrated by the pilot laboratory and by one participant of the CCM comparison

- third stage
circulation of the standards between all the participants

Work schedule: first and second stages: 1997 - dec 1999, third stage: 2001 - 2002

Progress Report

All measurements have been completed.

The final comparison report has been circulated to all participants and was agreed at the Mass & Related Quantities TC Meeting held at NRIM in March.

Publication of the comparison report is underway prior to the results being submitted to the BIPM Key Comparison Database

Further Information

Project proposed to the SMT programme as a concerted action by the EUROMET consultative committee.