Comparison of absolute pressure standards in the barometric range from 80 kPa to 110 kPa

Agreed proposal, 10 January 2006

The primary standard of both BIPM and LNE is a pressure balance derived from the SI units through dimensional measurements, mass and gravity determination. The pressure delivered by the pressure balance is issued from these measurements by using the so-called effective area, and by applying different corrections

The scope of the comparison is to demonstrate the coherency of the measurements done in the two institutes, by checking the validity of the calculations, and evaluating the level of uncertainty attainable in the direct comparison of two pressure balances.

The pressure balance of BIPM will be moved to LNE and directly compared to the primary standard of LNE. The BIPM standard is a PG 7607 type pressure balance made by DHI. The LNE standard is the absolute pressure balance APX developed in cooperation with DH Budenberg. Both standards will be equipped with 20 cm² effective area piston-cylinder assemblies made of tungsten carbide.

Mass and Related Quantities (M)
Coordinating Institute
LNE (France)