Calibration guides for force and torque traceability

Project Description

The project will first update Calibration Guideline No. 4 "Guideline on Uncertainty of Force Measurements", giving clarification and additional information on the calibration procedure for calibration machines and incorporating diagrams and examples.

The project will then address the issue of traceability in torque calibration, giving guidance on the calibration of torque calibration machines, either as a modification to Calibration Guideline No.14 - Guideline on the Calibration of Static Torque Measuring Devices, or as a separate document.

See overview Calibration Guidelines

Progress Report 2019-04-05

A revised draft of force guide cg-04 was circulated in November 2018. Further feedback has been received with comments to be reviewed on 10 April 2019. After any further amendments, the document should be in a fit state to issue. Work will then focus on the development of the corresponding torque calibration guidelines, for which a separate coordinator will need to be found.