Bilateral comparison on triple point cells of mercury

Project Description

The bilateral comparison will test the measurement capabilities of SMU and BEV within the triple point of mercury by means of a transfer standard. This transfer standard will consist of one SPRT of each participant that will be calibrated in triple point of Hg. Initial calibration of both SPRTs will be performed at BEVs facilities thereafter at the facilities of SMU. The results will be handled by the coordinator SMU and the result will establish the linkage between the two Hg cells used at respected institutes.

 Final Report 2019-03-07

The project has been completed and the report can be downloaded here>>.

The conducted bilateral comparison of two triplepoint cells of Hg realized by a SPRT transfer standard was considered as satisfactory. This is based on the measured data that has shown an agreement of the realized values of the two fixed point cells within the measurement uncertainty of each involved partner (BEV, SMU). 

Progress Report 2018-03-02

The initial preparatory steps and measurements of the transfer standard (SPRT) have been done. The measurements at BEV with the prepared transfer standard in the fixed points of Hg, Ga and triple point of water have been completed, together with the needed accompanying measurements for uncertainty determination. The measured data from BEV is being processed and the measurements at SMU have begun.

Thermometry (T)
Coordinating Institute
SMU (Slovakia)
Participating Partners
BEV (Austria)