Bilateral Comparison of the realisations of the ITS-90 at the mercury point

Project Description

In Denmark a new Hg-TP cell has been purchased and set-up. This cell will after the comparison replace the existing reference cell. The project is therefore a supplementary intercomparison to the EUROMET 552 "Comparison of the realisation of the ITS-90 over range 83.805 K to 692.677 K". The protocol for the intercomparison is therefore based on (almost identical to) the technical protocol for the EUROMET 552 intercomparison but limited to only cover the mercury point.

A long sterm SPRT is selected and calibrated at TEKNOLOGISK in Hg-TP and WTP. A second set of measurement will be made at NMi-VSL. After its return the SPRT will be recalibrated at TEKNOLOGISK. In the comparison the W(Hg) will be used.

A final report of the comparison will be prepared.

Final Report 2014-03-17

All work finalized, a separate report is issued summarising the results.

The project has been completed and the report can be downloaded here>>.

Thermometry (T)
Coordinating Institute
DTI (Denmark)
Participating Partners
VSL (Netherlands)