Bilateral comparison of a 100 ml Gay-Lussac Pycnometer

Project Description

During the EUROMET meeting on April 2004, the Bulgarian National Metrological Institute (NCM) manifested the interest to participate in a bilateral comparison with the Portuguese NMI, IPQ.

The main purpose of this project is to compare the results and uncertainties of a volume calibration of a glass 100 ml Gay-Lussac Pycnometer. This project has a similar protocol of the EUROMET project 692, will allow to link the NCM results to the participating countries of the project 692 and to test the agreement of their results despite the different used equipment.

Final Report 2005-03-31

The comparison has been completed and the report can be downloaded here>>.

This bilateral comparison involved IPQ and NCM, the used standard was the same as the one used for EUROMET 692, a 100 ml Gay Lussac Pycnometer, nº 144.

The volume results are quite similar and consistent with each other and with the determined reference value in Project EUROMET 692.

The uncertainty values of the determined volumes are also quite close between laboratories with some differences in the sated components uncertainty, for IPQ the most important component is the water density and for NMC is the mass filed, this statements are also in accordance with the results presented in the EUROMET project 692.

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