Absorbed dose in water and air

Short Name: Absorb, Project Number: 14RPT04
Woman closely operating a linear accelerator

New calibration services for improved radiotherapy treatment 

Due to both the number of cases of cancer increasing and the ageing of the population, current high levels of demand for diagnostic and interventional radiosurgery, radiology and cardiology procedures will grow. The goal of radiotherapy is to kill tumour cells, while minimising damage to the surrounding healthy tissue; however, small percentage changes in a radiotherapy dose can significantly increase the risk of complications. Uncertainty requirements for radiotherapy and radiosurgery doses are difficult to achieve due to the disparity between calibration and treatment conditions.

This project developed improved calibration practices, better primary dosimeter standards and decreased calibration uncertainties, enabling participating NMIs and DIs to build their own primary dosimeter standards and launch new calibration services. Measurement laboratories accessing these improved calibrations and working with the hundreds of thousands of facilities across Europe, will ultimately bring improved treatment outcomes for patients.