A quantum standard for sampled electrical measurements

Short Name: Q-WAVE, Project Number: SIB59
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Electrical traceability: Pushing the boundaries of electrical measurements 

The performance of electrical sensors depends on the conversion of analogue and digital signals and, as new products perform at the limits of what is currently possible to measure, the sampling rates of analogue-to-digital convertors and digital-to-analogue converters need to increase. Recent progress in the semiconductor industry, and particularly in precision integrated circuits, has exposed a gap in the direct and traceable voltage measurement for precision devices operating at high frequencies, above 10 MHz. Therefore, new methods for disseminating the volt to non-stationary or alternating waveforms (AC) are needed. This project will develop a measurement system based on the Josephson effect for the dynamic calibration of the latest generation of analogue-to-digital convertors, according to the current IEC and IEEE standards. It will also improve digital signal processing techniques, while evaluating their contribution to measurement uncertainty, thereby providing direct, traceable measurements within the fast moving electronic sensing sector. 

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