Traceability routes for electrical power quality measurements

Short Name: TracePQM, Project Number: 15RPT04
Image showing a photovoltaic panel
Photovoltaic Solar Panel

A new Europe-wide system for power quality measurements will pave the way for increased adoption of renewable energy.

The Renewable Energy Directive requires the EU to fulfil at least 20% of its final energy consumption with renewable sources by 2020. However, increasing numbers of decentralised renewable sources can cause a deterioration in the grid’s power quality and demands are increasing for traceable, accurate measurements of power and power quality. Efficient measurement of power and power quality is challenging, and while several National Measurement Institutes have developed power and power quality measurement systems based on sampling techniques, the level of expertise and resources required mean that many NMIs do not yet have complete or operational systems. This project has developed a new, open system for sampled power and power quality measurements, accessible across Europe, which reduce the burden of parallel development of similar capabilities. Successful implementation of this system will pave the way for increased adoption of renewable energy across Europe.

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