Multi-sensor metrology for microparts in innovative industrial products

Short Name: Microparts, Project Number: IND59
Gears background
Measurements for microparts: Measuring small, complex, features in three dimensions

Microparts are components which range in size from less than one millimetre to around 10 mm. Microparts with complex geometry are increasingly used for products in the automotive, medical and telecommunications industries. In many cases the complete inner and outer shape of the microparts must be verified in order to ensure they function correctly. Multi-sensor coordinate metrology combines the speed of optical measurements with the accuracy of tactile systems. However, work is required to achieve 3D measurements of microparts less than one millimetre in size, with sub-micrometre tolerances. In addition, combining measurements from multiple sensors requires intelligent data processing. This project will address the problems related to the high-accuracy measurement of small complex features of microparts. This will support many industrial applications such as the production of more efficient combustion engines, improved consumer electronics and new medical products such as portable diagnostics. 

Other Participants
IBS Precision Engineering bv (Netherlands)
LEGO System A/S (Denmark)
Novo Nordisk A/S (Denmark)
Robert Bosch GmbH (Germany)
Science and Technology Facilities Council (United Kingdom)
XPRESS Precision Engineering B.V. (Netherlands)