Selected Research Topics (SRTs) for EMPIR Call 2020 Fundamental

 SRT NumberSRT TitleResult
 SRT-f01Combined photonic and quantum sensors for practical primary thermometryNot Funded
 SRT-f02Two-species composite atomic clocksFunded as 20FUN01
 SRT-f03Quantum sensing with single electronsNo Bid
 SRT-f04Next generation ultrastable lasers: reducing thermal noise limit and overcoming technical limitations with new materials and technologiesFunded as 20FUN08
 SRT-f05Trustworthy machine learningNot Funded

Fundamental metrology for proteins

Not Funded
 SRT-f07Spin current metrology for spintronic devices and materialsNot Funded
 SRT-f08Single- and entangled photon sources for quantum metrologyFunded as 20FUN05
 SRT-f09Towards new primary activity standardisation methods based on low-temperature detectorsFunded as 20FUN04
 SRT-f10Pushing boundaries of nano-dimensional metrology by lightFunded as 20FUN02


Two dimensional lattices of covalent- and metal-organic frameworks for the Quantum Hall resistance standardFunded as 20FUN03
 SRT-f12Fundamental physical metrology with cold moleculesNot Funded
 SRT-f13Quantum detection for increased sensitivity of chemical and biological measurementNot Funded
 SRT‐f14Memristive devices as quantum standard for nanometrologyFunded as 20FUN06
 SRT-f15Non-classical approaches for quantum-enhanced metrologyNo Bid
 SRT-f16Microwave metrology for superconducting quantum
Funded as 20FUN07
 SRT-f17Metrology for broadband - ro-vibrational spectroscopic gas thermometryNot Funded


Selected Research Topics (SRTs) for EMPIR Call 2020 Industry

 SRT NumberSRT TitleResult
 SRT-i01Metrology infrastructure for high-pressure gas and liquified hydrogen flowsFunded as 20IND11
 SRT-i02Metrology for trace water in ultra-pure process gasesFunded as 20IND06
 SRT-i03Next generation process thermometry for advanced manufacturingNot Funded
 SRT-i04Traceable industrial 3D roughness and dimensional measurement using optical 3D microscopy and optical distance sensorsFunded as 20IND07
 SRT-i05RF Measurements for future communications applicationsFunded as 20IND03
 SRT-i06Electrical nanoscale metrology in industryFunded as 20IND12
 SRT-i07Quantum traceability of nanoscale magnetic field measurementsNot Funded
 SRT-i08Harmonised metrology for autonomous vehicle sensorsNo Bid
 SRT-i09Dynamic applications of large volume metrology in industry of tomorrow environmentsFunded as 20IND02
 SRT-i10Quantum sensors for metrology based on single-atomlike device technologyFunded as 20IND05
 SRT-i11Traceable metrology of soft-X-ray to IR optical constants and nanofilms for advanced manufacturingFunded as 20IND04
 SRT-i12Traceability of localised functional properties of nanostructures with high speed scanning probe microscopyFunded as 20IND08
 SRT-i13Metrology for decarbonisation of the gas gridFunded as 20IND10
 SRT‐i14Metrology for the recycling of Technology Critical Elements to support Europe’s circular economy agendaFunded as 20IND01
 SRT-i15Ultra-high precision cylinder and sphere metrology for bearings and piston manometersNot Funded
 SRT-i16Probabilistic evaluation of the ability to perform dimensional measurements of buried structures in industrial additively manufactured partsNot Funded
 SRT-i17Metrology in manufacturing compound semiconductors for power electronicsFunded as 20IND09
 SRT-i18Analytical contaminants assessment in foodNot Funded
 SRT-i19Metrology for Emerging Wireless TechnologiesNot Funded
 SRT-i20Metrology for advanced biomanufacturing - materials & methods for design-build-deploy biological systems & processesNot Funded
 SRT-i21Metrology of diffraction-based residual stress analysis inadditively manufactured materials and componentsNo Bid
 SRT-i22Enhanced metrology for innovative radon measurement and managementNot Funded
 SRT-i23Advanced classical standards for electrical metrologyNot Funded
 SRT-i24Quality assurance of high value metal additive manufactured components for aerospace and space applicationsNo Bid
 SRT-i25Enabling the adoption of digital calibration certificates in metrology and industryNot Funded
 SRT-i26Metrology for dynamic pressure and temperature measurementsNot Funded
 SRT-i27Sustainable advanced flow meter calibration for transport sectorFunded as 20IND13
 SRT-i28Metrology for broadband impedance: bridging the LF-HF gapNot Funded
 SRT-i29Surface and interface chemical metrology for porous materialsNot FUnded


Selected Research Topics (SRTs) for EMPIR Call 2020 Normative

 SRT NumberSRT TitleResult
 SRT-n01Standardisation of measurements for DC electricity gridsFunded as 20NRM03
 SRT-n02Metrology for temporal light modulationFunded as 20NRM01
 SRT-n03Metrological characterisation of Electric Vehicle Charging StationsNot Funded
 SRT-n04Electrical key control characteristics to control stability and reliability of grapheneNot Funded
 SRT-n05New periodic technical inspection of engine exhaust emissions based on particle number concentrationNot Funded
 SRT-n06Improved uncertainties for monitoring diffuse pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions from distributed sourcesNo Bid
 SRT-n07Metrology for SI-traceable biomethane conformity assessmentNot Funded
 SRT-n08Metrology for standardised seawater pHT measurements in support of international and European climate strategiesFunded as 20NRM06
 SRT-n09Extended testing for Renewable Generation under the Requirement for Generators DirectiveNo Bid
 SRT-n10Implementation of high-dynamic-range imaging systems in standards for glare evaluation and luminance distribution measurementNo Bid
 SRT-n11Metrologically proven LNG custody transfer methodsNo Bid
 SRT-n12Metrology for the determination of emissions of dangerous substances from building materials into indoor airFunded as 20NRM04
 SRT-n13Improved metrology for quantitative MRIFunded as 20NRM05
 SRT-n14Establishing metrology standards in microfluidic devicesFunded as 20NRM02
 SRT-n17Digitalising processes in legal metrology - certificates of conformity for weighing instruments and their modulesNot Funded

Selected Network Topics (SNTs) for EMPIR Call 2020 Support for Networks

 SNT NumberSNT TitleResult
 SRT-w01Support for a European Metrology Network for clean energyFunded as 20NET01
 SRT-w02Support for a European Metrology Network promoting smart specialisation in the Nordic-Baltic region Not Funded
 SRT-w03Support for a European Metrology Network on pollution monitoringFunded as 20NET03
 SRT-w04Support for a European Metrology Network on food safetyFunded as 20NET02
 SRT-w05Support for a European Metrology Network promoting smart specialisation in the Latin regionNo Bid

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