Selected Research Topics (SRTs) for EMPIR Call 2019 Energy

 SRT NumberSRT TitleResult
 SRT-g01Metrology for decarbonising the gas gridNot Funded

Metrology for DC electricity gridsBroadband EMI measurements for future electricity networks

Not Funded
 SRT-g03Metrology of magnetic losses in electrical steel sheets for high-efficiency energy conversionFunded as 19ENG06
 SRT-g04Traceable mechanical and electrical power measurement for efficiency determination of wind turbinesFunded as 19ENG08
 SRT-g05Metrology for hydrogen vehicles 2Funded as 19ENG04

Traceable efficiency of power electronic devices and systems for electro-mobility

Not Funded
 SRT-g07Metrology for Advanced Hydrogen Storage SolutionsFunded as 19ENG03

Broadband EMI measurements for future electricity networks

Not Funded
 SRT-g09Metrology for future energy transmissionFunded as 19ENG02
 SRT-g10In operando metrology for energy storage materialsNot Funded

Applications for turning smart grid measurement data into actionable information

Not Funded

Enhancing efficiency of high-temperature concentrated solar plants

Not Funded
 SRT-g13High throughput metrology for nanowire energy harvesting devicesFunded as 19ENG05
 SRT‐g14Metrology for emerging PV applications                            Funded as 19ENG01
 SRT-g15New metrological methods for biofuel materials analysisFunded as 19ENG09

Metrology for biomethane II

Not Funded

Ageing and Fatigue of Energy Materials

Not Funded
 SRT-g20Metrology for enhanced reliability and efficiency of wind energy systemsFunded as 19ENG07


Selected Research Topics (SRTs) for EMPIR Call 2019 Environment

 SRT NumberSRT TitleResult

Metrology for climate relevant volatile organic compounds

Funded as 19ENV06

Stable isotope metrology to enable climate action and regulation

Funded as



Implementation of radon metrology for the analysis of the atmospheric budget of greenhouse gases and for radiation protection in the environment

Funded as



Microplastics in environmental matrices: Comparison and traceability of different analytical methods

Not Funded

Advanced Aerosol Metrology for Atmospheric Science and Air Quality

Funded as



Metrology for the analysis of technology critical elements (TCE) as emerging pollutants in the environment

Not Funded

Improved vehicle exhaust quantification by portable emission measurement systems metrology

Funded as 19ENV09

Metrology for low-level radioactivity measurements in support of the Council Directive 2013/51/EURATOM on water for human consumption

Not Funded

Remote and real-time optical detection of alpha-emitting radionuclides in the environment

Funded as 19ENV02

Metrology for aerosol optical properties

Funded as 19ENV04

Metrology for low-frequency sound and vibration

Funded as 19ENV03

Metrology to underpin air quality measurements using low cost sensor systems

Not Funded

Metrology to establish an SI traceable climate observing system

Funded as 19ENV07

Metrology for improved greenhouse gas retrievals in atmospheric remote sensing

Not Funded

Metrology for light absorption by atmospheric aerosols II

No Bid

Metrology for mass spectrometry traceability for nuclear decommissioning and environmental monitoring

Not Funded

Metrology of light pollution in the night time environment

Not Funded


Selected Research Topics (SRTs) for EMPIR Call 2019 Normative

 SRT NumberSRT TitleResult

Metrology for the determination of emissions of dangerous substances from building materials into indoor air

No Bid
 SRT-n02Sound insulation of façades – new standardised measurement procedure for low frequenciesNot Funded

Use of electrical key control characteristics to assess the degradation of graphene

Not Funded

Support for standardisation of high voltage testing with composite and combined wave shapes

Funded as



Reference electrical conditions for measurement of AC-operated light-emitting diode products

No Bid

Filtration in surface form metrology - Specification of filters depending on workpiece function

Not Funded

Metrology for traceable protocols for elemental and oxidised mercury concentrations

Funded as



Measurement methods and test procedures for assessing accuracy of Instrument Transformers for Power Quality Measurements

Funded as



Metrology for temporal light modulation

Not Funded

Standardisation of structural and chemical properties of graphene

Funded as



Metrology for testing the implementation security of quantum key distribution hardware

Funded as



Revision and extension of standards for test methods for LED lamps, luminaires and modules

Funded as



Traceable dosimetry for small fields in MR-guided radiotherapy

Funded as


Selected Research Topics (SRTs) for EMPIR Call 2019 Research Potential

 SRT NumberSRT TitleResult

Development of expanded metrological capability for medical ultrasound

Not Funded

Metrology for natural gas and biomethane-enriched natural gas

No Bid
 SRT-r03Improvement of the realisation of the mass scaleFunded as 19RPT02

Quantum traceability for AC power standards

Funded as 19RPT01

Expansion of research capabilities in humidity and moisture measurement 2

Not Funded

Selected Network Topics (SNTs) for EMPIR Call 2019 Support for Networks

 SNT NumberSNT TitleResult

Support for a European Metrology Network on Quantum Technologies

Funded as 19NET02

Support for a European Metrology Network on positioning, navigation, timing and geodesy

Not Funded

Support for a European Metrology Network on environmental monitoring

Not Funded

Support for a European Metrology Network on Advanced Manufacturing

Funded as 19NET01

Support for a European Metrology Network on the medical use of ionising radiation

Funded as  19NET04

Support for a European Metrology Network on medical device regulation

Not Funded

Support for a European Metrology Network on food safety

Not Funded

Support for a European Metrology Network on reliable radiation protection regulation

Funded as 19NET03

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