Selected Research Topics (SRTs) for EMPIR Call 2016 - Environment

SRT NumberSRT TitleResult
SRT-v01Traceable oceanic carbon cycle measurementsNot funded
SRT-v02Metrology for high impact greenhouse gases 2No bid
SRT-v03Metrology for radon monitoringFunded as 16ENV10
SRT-v04Quantitative determination of microplastic in environmental matricesNot funded
SRT-v05In situ metrology for decommissioning nuclear facilitiesFunded as 16ENV09
SRT-v06Metrology for UV/Vis remote sensing of air qualityNot funded
SRT-v07Metrology for stable isotope reference standardsFunded as 16ENV06
SRT-v08Metrology for oxidised mercuryFunded as 16ENV01
SRT-v09Metrology for manufactured nanomaterials in environmentally relevant matricesNot funded
SRT-v10Aerosol metrology for atmospheric science and air qualityFunded as 16ENV07
SRT-v11Metrology for air pollutant emissionsFunded as 16ENV08
SRT-v12Metrology for earth observation and climate 3Funded as 16ENV03
SRT-v13Metrology for VOC indicators in air pollution and climate change 2 Not funded
SRT-v14Isotope ratios as a tool for environment metrologyNot funded
SRT-v15Metrology for light absorption by atmospheric aerosolsFunded as 16ENV02
SRT-v16Metrology for nitrogen dioxideFunded as 16ENV05
SRT-v17Metrology for improved greenhouse gas column retrievals in atmospheric remote sensingNot funded
SRT-v18Metrology for mobile detection of ionising radiation following a nuclear or radiological incidentFunded as 16ENV04

Selected Research Topics (SRTs) for EMPIR Call 2016 - Energy

SRT NumberSRT TitleResult
SRT-g01Metrology for energy metering of raw biogasNot funded
SRT-g02Metrology of Li-ion battery cells for electromobility applicationsNot funded
SRT-g03Metrology for biomethaneFunded as 16ENG05
SRT-g04Metrology for advanced energy-saving technology in next-generation electronics applicationsFunded as 16ENG06
SRT-g05Metrology for inductive charging of electric vehiclesFunded as 16ENG08
SRT-g06Metrology and new techniques for Hydrogen-Enriched Natural GasNot funded
SRT-g07Metrology for hydrogen vehiclesFunded as 16ENG01
SRT-g08Applied measurements to enable the reliable operation of smart gridsNot funded
SRT-g09Metrology for safe and secure nuclear energyNot funded
SRT-g10Next generation solar cell calibration and characterisation techniquesNo bid 
SRT-g11Advanced PV energy ratingFunded as 16ENG02
SRT-g12Metrology for smart energy management in electric railway systemsFunded as 16ENG04
SRT-g13Metrology for fuel injection of biodiesel blendsNot funded
SRT-g14Metrology for improved energy efficiency of smart lightingNot funded
SRT-g15Metrological support for LNG and LBG as transport fuelFunded as 16ENG09
SRT-g16Metrology for complex thin film materials with energy applicationsFunded as 16ENG03
SRT-g17Real-time metrology for future power gridsNot funded
SRT-g18Multiphase flow reference metrologyFunded as 16ENG07

Selected Research Topics (SRTs) for EMPIR Call 2016 - Normative

SRT NumberSRT TitleResult
SRT-n01Towards documentary standards for BRDF based quantitiesFunded as 16NRM08
SRT-n02Towards an ISO standard for magnetic nanoparticlesFunded as 16NRM04
SRT-n03kQ factors in modern external beam radiotherapy applications to update IAEA TRS-398Funded as 16NRM03
SRT-n04Risk assessment of measuring systemsNot funded
SRT-n05Pavement surface characterisation for smart and efficient road lightingFunded as 16NRM02
SRT-n06An improved traceability chain for nanoparticle size measurementsNot funded
SRT-n07Developing electrical characterisation methods for future graphene electronicsFunded as 16NRM01
SRT-n08Improvement of emissivity measurements on reflective insulation materialsFunded as 16NRM06
SRT-n09Electromagnetic interference on static electricity metersNot funded
SRT-n10Protection from accelerator based high-energy ionising radiation fieldsNo bid
SRT-n11Towards a documentary standard for an ionisation vacuum gaugeFunded as 16NRM05
SRT-n12Loss measurements on power transformers and reactorsNot funded
SRT-n13Thermal resistance measurement at high temperatures using the guarded hot plate methodNot funded
SRT-n14SAR measurement using vector probesFunded as 16NRM07
SRT-n15Extension of ISO wet-gas flow measurement standards Not funded

Selected Research Topics (SRTs) for EMPIR Call 2016 - Research Potential

SRT NumberSRT TitleResult
SRT-r01Development of scientific and technical capabilities in the field of chemical analysisFunded as 16RPT01
SRT-r02Certified forensic alcohol reference materialsFunded as 16RPT02
SRT-r03Traceability in medical measurementsNot funded
SRT-r04Traceability for dosimetry in diagnostic radiologyNot funded
SRT-r05Developing research capabilities for traceable intraocular pressure measurementsFunded as 16RPT03
SRT-r06Research capabilities in CMM metrologyNot funded

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