Selected Research Topics (SRTs) for EMPIR Call 2014 - Industry

SRT NumberSRT TitleResult
SRT- i01Advanced 3D chemical metrology for innovative technologies Funded as 14IND01
SRT- i02Metrology for industrial pure water applicationsNot funded
SRT- i03Metrology for innovation in pharmaceutical formulation and manufacturingNo bid
SRT- i04Metrology for innovative nanoparticlesFunded as 14IND12
SRT- i05Metrology for additive manufacturing production assuranceNot funded
SRT- i06Dimensional metrology for high-aspect-ratio micro-nozzlesNot funded
SRT- i07Vision based dimensional metrologyNot funded
SRT- i08Metrology for highly-parallel manufacturingFunded as 14IND09
SRT- i09Reference nanodimensional metrology for nanomanufacturingNot funded
SRT- i10Traceable asphere and freeform metrologyNot funded
SRT- i11Electromobility drive technologyNot funded
SRT- i12High frequency and dynamic measurements of functional materialsNot funded
SRT- i13Metrology for 5G communicationsFunded as 14IND10
SRT- i14Metrology for the electrical power industryFunded as 14IND08
SRT- i15Metrology for graphene characterisationNot funded
SRT- i16Metrology for magnetoresistive sensor applicationsNot funded
SRT- i17Microwave measurements for planar circuits and componentsFunded as 14IND02
SRT- i18Improved gas flowmetering at industrial conditionsNot funded
SRT- i19Metrology for small- and midscale flow devicesNot funded
SRT- i20Metrology for length-scale engineering of materialsFunded as 14IND03
SRT- i21Metrology for manufacturing 3D stacked integrated circuitsFunded as 14IND07
SRT- i22Metrology for the photonics industry - optical fibres, waveguides and applicationsFunded as 14IND13
SRT- i23Reliable micro mechanical test data for modelling advanced materialsNot funded
SRT- i24Optical metrology solutions for next generation lithographyNot funded
SRT- i25Industrial standards in the intermediate pressure-to-vacuum rangeFunded as 14IND06
SRT- i26Torque measurement in the MN·m rangeFunded as 14IND14
SRT- i27Improved measurement technology for optically complex materialsNot funded
SRT- i28Optical metrology for quantum enhanced secure telecommunicationFunded as 14IND05
SRT- i29Industrial temperature measurement: quantitative thermal imagingNot funded
SRT- i30Enhancing process efficiency through improvedtemperature measurementFunded as 14IND04
SRT- i31Metrology for humidity at high temperatures and transient conditionsFunded as 14IND11
SRT- i32Next generation time and frequency dissemination through optical fibresNot funded
SRT- i33Reliable diagnostic methods for enhanced traction batteriesNot funded

Selected Research Topics (SRTs) for EMPIR Call 2014 - Research Potential

SRT NumberSRT TitleResult
SRT- r01Towards the propagation of ac quantum voltage standardsFunded as 14RPT01
SRT- r02Traceable calibration of dynamic weighing instrumentsFunded as 14RPT02
SRT- r03Absorbed dose in water and airFunded as 14RPT04
SRT- r04Developing traceable capabilities in thermal metrologyFunded as 14RPT05
SRT- r05Traceable AFM measurement capabilityNo bid
SRT- r06Developing metrology research potential in [country]Not funded
SRT- r07Traceability for time and frequencyNot funded
SRT- r08Matrix reference materials for environmental analysisFunded as 14RPT03
SRT- r09Traceability for HumidityNot funded

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