EURAMET Research Council

The Research Council is EURAMET's advisory board focussing on the European Metrology Research Programmes and any research related topics.

The council fulfils an important role within EURAMET:

  • Provides strategic advice and an independent opinion;
  • Is consulted on the structure of the research programme and the call scopes which are proposed to the European Commission;
  • Reports and provides recommendations to the EMPIR Committee, which manages the research programmes.

The Research Council consists of institutional and personal members of high standing, drawn from the external stakeholder community of EURAMET. The nine personal members are experts from industry, research and academia and they are appointed for their experience and expertise. In addition, seven institutional members are given the opportunity to propose one representative each.

Members of the Research Council act independently in their role and do not represent the interests of their organisation or their country.

Research Council Members

Country / Organisation
Calpini, Bertrand WMO - World... International/Regional Organisation Institutional Member
N.N., N.N. ERC - European... International/Regional Organisation Institutional Member
Winroth, Gustaf EC - European... European Commission Observer
Ganesh, Ashok CEN-CENELEC -... International/Regional Organisation Institutional Member
Grasserbauer, Manfred Austria Personal Member
von Klitzing, Klaus Germany Personal Member
Bouyer, Philippe France Personal Member
Dolfi, Daniel France Personal Member
Imkamp, Dietrich Germany Personal Member
Voipio, Ville Finland Personal Member
Klanova, Jana Czech Republic Personal Member
Cataliotti, Francesco Saverio Italy Personal Member
Zamfir, Nicolae-Victor Romania Personal Member
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