EURAMET Task Group for Environment

The Task Group was established in 2014. The first meeting was in September 2014, in Brdo (Slovenia) during the "Metrology for Meteorology and Climate, MMC" conference in the presence of several guests and stakeholders from the climate and meteorological communities. The group meets on a regular basis and will meet more frequently in the years before the launch of the Calls on Metrology for Environment within the European Metrology Programme on Innovation and Research (EMPIR).


The over all objective of the group is to form a coherent strategic and comprehensive approach on metrology for environment, especially within the European metrology community. To achieve this goal the group undertakes several activities, namely:

  • Reporting to EURAMET on new perspectives, emerging needs, projects and activities related to metrological traceability, quality assurance, reference methods and calibration procedures for environmental measurements.
  • Providing guidance on an appropriate approach to traceability and good practice in metrology for environment. The Task Group advises EURAMET in cooperation with other RMOs, institutions, organizations, committees, scientific communities, end users associations and other stakeholders.
  • Considering the most effective means by which CIPM CCs and EURAMET TCs involved in climate and environmental activities should cooperate to establish a common response to the stated needs of the communities working in environmental science.
  • Supporting EURAMET in encouraging National Metrology Institutes and Designated Institutes to work with the relevant environmental networks is another important objective of the group. This shall support a monitoring framework for traceable environmental data on a long-term basis and wide spatial scales based on best practice metrology.

General Tasks

The general tasks of the group are:

  • Supporting the work of EURAMET's Technical Committees in metrology for environment.
  • Liaising with relevant Institutions such as international organizations, public and private research centers, universities, environmental agencies and manufacturers. This shall accelerate the development of standards and best practice measurement methods and structures.
  • Facilitating proposals for research topics for joint research projects and to update and elaborate roadmaps.
  • Disseminating expertise and knowledge on metrology for environment through seminars, guides and conferences.
  • Supporting the development of EURAMET's Strategic Research Agenda in metrology for environment.


Members of the Task Group are experts in the different areas completing several environmental metrology aspects. They represent the competence of the member organizations in EURAMET in environmental fields. In addition to these metrology focussed members, representatives of relevant Institutions operating in the field of environmental sciences are included with the status of observers. Membership is on invitational basis.


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