EURAMET Task Group for Energy

One of today's so-called Grand Challenges is in the area of Energy. To foster possible solutions for present and upcoming energy metrology challenges the EURAMET Task Group on "Metrology for Energy" was established in 2014.


The objective of the Task Group is to stimulate and organize the scientific and technical collaboration among EURAMET members and associates, in order to form a coherent and effective response to industrial and societal needs for energy metrology. Therefore different steps have to be taken:

  • Monitor and report to EURAMET on new perspectives and emerging needs related to metrological challenges in the area of energy
  • Advise and stimulate EURAMET on active cooperation with industry, governments, standardization bodies, universities, end users' associations, other RMOs, and further stakeholders, in order to ensure an adequate and timely response to their needs in energy metrology
  • Stimulate and facilitate cooperation of the Technical Committees involved in energy metrology in order to realize an optimal and coordinated response to the stated stakeholders' needs


The general tasks of the group are:

  • to develop a Strategic Research Agenda for energy metrology
  • to support and to complement the work of the EURAMET TCs in metrology for energy
  • to liaise with industry, governments, standardization bodies, universities, and other relevant European institutions and international organisations active in the field of energy
  • to update and elaborate roadmaps and to facilitate proposals for research topics and joint research projects tackling challenges in these roadmaps
  • to support and stimulate development of written standards and best practices
  • to disseminate when appropriate expertise and knowledge on energy metrology through seminars, workshops, and conferences.


Members of the Task Group are experts known for their broad metrological experience and horizontal views in the area of Energy. In addition external experts, representing important stakeholders will be contacted in an appropriate manner. Membership is on invitational basis.


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Rietveld, Gert VSL - VSL Netherlands
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