EURAMET Task Groups

The Technical Committees, set-up for the traditional metrology fields, are the main forum for the scientific and technical cooperation within EURAMET. To further coordinate the activities in meeting cross-disciplinary grand challenges like health, environment and energy, so called Task Group may be established in addition. Three Task Groups were founded so far: for Health, for Environment and for Energy.

Objectives and tasks

EURAMET Task Groups are established to support the EURAMET bodies in achieving EURAMET's strategic objectives. They contribute to the development of the strategic research agenda of EURAMET and form a coherent and effective response to the industry and society needs for metrology. Task Groups and their tasks and composition may be proposed by EURAMET Delegates or bodies such as the Board of Directors (BoD) and Technical Committees.

Task Group Convenors

Task GroupConvenor
EnergyGert Rietveld, VSL, Netherlands
EnvironmentAndrea Merlone, INRIM, Italy
HealthTobias Schäffter, PTB, Germany