EMRP Call 2013 - Energy & Environment

The aim of this call was to advance measurement science and technology in the areas of Energy and Environment.

The second set of environment projects focused on metrological research to improve the quality of data for policy making and regulation, underpin other environmental research initiatives.

Visit the Environment impact page to see outcomes from the projects.

The second set of energy projects focussd on metrological research which supports steps towards a safe, secure, sustainable and affordable energy system while increasing the competitiveness of Europe's industries.

Visit the Energy impact page to see outcomes from the projects.


Metrology for Environment

Project Number Short Name Title Coordinator
ENV60 IMPRESS Metrology to underpin future regulation of industrial emissions Garry Hensey (NPL)
ENV59 atmoz Traceability for atmospheric total column ozone Julian Gröbner (PMOD/WRC)
ENV58 MeteoMet2 Metrology for essential climate variables Andrea Merlone (INRIM)
ENV57 MetroERM Metrology for radiological early warning networks in Europe
ENV56 KEY-VOCs Metrology for VOC indicators in air pollution and climate change Annarita Baldan (VSL)
ENV55 MetNH3 Metrology for ammonia in ambient air Bernhard Niederhauser (METAS)
ENV54 MetroDecom Metrology for decommissioning nuclear facilities Jiri Šurán (CMI)
ENV53 MetEOC2 Metrology for earth observation and climate Nigel Fox (NPL)
ENV52 HIGHGAS Metrology for high-impact greenhouse gases Sanjiv Mooneeram (NPL)
ENV51 MeTra Traceability for mercury measurements Paola Fisicaro (LNE)
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