Selected Research Topics (SRTs) for EMRP Call 2011 - Health

SRT-h01Metrology for monitoring infectious diseases, antimicrobial resistance, and harmful micro-organismsFunded as HLT08
SRT-h02Advanced cell imaging for neurodegenerative diseaseNot funded
SRT-h03Next generation metrology for targeted gene deliveryNot funded
SRT-h04Metrology at the cellular and DNA levelNot funded
SRT-h05Metrology for neurodegenerative disordersNot funded
SRT-h06Metrology for the characterisation of biomolecular interfaces for diagnostic devicesFunded as HLT04
SRT-h07Traceability for health-related biomarkersNot funded
SRT-h08Metrology for chemical and functional imaging of skin and tissueNot funded
SRT-h09Metrology for next-generation safety standards and equipment in MRIFunded as HLT06
SRT-h10Metrology for breath analysisNot funded
SRT-h11Metrology for a universal ear simulator and the perception of non-audible soundFunded as HLT01
SRT-h12Metrology for therapeutic ultrasoundFunded as HLT03
SRT-h13Metrology for molecular radiotherapyFunded as HLT11
SRT-h14Metrology for radiotherapy using complex radiation fieldsFunded as HLT09
SRT-h15Metrology for biomolecular origin of diseaseFunded as HLT10
SRT-h16Diagnostics and therapy using magnetic nanoparticlesNot funded
SRT-h17Metrology for metalloproteinsFunded as HLT05
SRT-h18Metrology for drug deliveryFunded as HLT07
SRT-h19Continuous glucose measurement methods and systems for medical surveillanceNot funded
SRT-h20Metrological characterisation of micro-vesicles from body fluids as non-invasive diagnostic biomarkersFunded as HLT02

Selected Research Topics (SRTs) for EMRP Call 2011 - SI Broader Scope

SRT-s01A quantum standard for sampled electrical measurementsNot funded
SRT-s02Quantum ampere: Realisation of the new SI ampereFunded as SIB07
SRT-s03Automated impedance metrology extending the quantum toolbox for electricityNot funded
SRT-s04Biologically weighted quantities in radiotherapyFunded as SIB06
SRT-s05Traceability of sub-nm length measurementsFunded as SIB08
SRT-s06Realisation of the awaited definition of the kilogram - resolving the discrepanciesFunded as SIB03
SRT-s07Developing a practical means of disseminating the new kilogramFunded as SIB05
SRT-s08Primary standards for challenging elementsFunded as SIB09
SRT-s09Traceability for single-photon sourcesNot funded
SRT-s10High-accuracy optical clocks with trapped ionsFunded as SIB04
SRT-s11Accurate time/frequency comparison and dissemination through optical telecommunications networksFunded as SIB02
SRT-s12Novel techniques for traceable temperature disseminationFunded as SIB10
SRT-s13Implementing the new kelvinFunded as SIB01

Selected Research Topics (SRTs) for EMRP Call 2011 - New Technologies

SRT-n01Novel mathematical and statistical approaches to uncertainty evaluationFunded as NEW04
SRT-n02Traceability for computationally-intensive metrologyFunded as NEW06
SRT-n03Metrological 3D characterisation of nanostructuresNot funded
SRT-n04Graphene metrologyNot funded
SRT-n05Metrology for Raman spectroscopyFunded as NEW02
SRT-n06Traceable characterisation of nanostructured devicesFunded as NEW01
SRT-n07Metrology with/for NEMSFunded as NEW08
SRT-n08Metrology for spintronic circuits and devicesNot funded
SRT-n09Detection and characterisation of quantum phase slip for development of nanoscale quantum circuitsNot funded
SRT-n10Metrology for airborne manufactured and engineered nano-objectsNot funded
SRT-n11Chemical and optical characterisation of nanomaterials in biological systemsFunded as NEW03
SRT-n12Traceable measurement of mechanical properties of nano-objectsFunded as NEW05
SRT-n13Metrology of electro-thermal coupling for new functional materials technologyFunded as NEW09
SRT-n14Metrology for integrated pjotonic devices and new photonic materialsNot funded
SRT-n15Microwave and terahertz metrology for homeland securityFunded as NEW07
SRT-n16Chemical metrology for the accurate identification and detection of hazardous and hidden materialsNot funded
SRT-n17Ionising radiation metrology for homeland securityNot funded