Selected Research Topics (SRTs) for EMRP Call 2010 - Industry

SRT01iTraceable quantitative surface chemical analysis for industrial applicationsFunded as IND15
SRT02iMulti-sensor data fusion in dimensional metrologyNot funded
SRT03iDynamic mechanical properties and long-term deformation behaviour of viscous materialsFunded as IND05
SRT04iThermal design and time-dependent dimensional drift behaviour of sensors, materials and structuresFunded as IND13
SRT05iDimensional characterisation of functional structured surfacesNot funded
SRT06iOptical and tactile metrology for absolute form characterizationFunded as IND10
SRT07iNew generation of frequency standards for industryFunded as IND14
SRT08iRadio frequency metrology for wireless networks in industrial environmentsNot funded
SRT09iMetrology for Ultrafast Electronics and High-Speed CommunicationsFunded as IND16
SRT10iMetrology for high-speed microelectronicsNot funded
SRT11iMetrology for advanced industrial magneticsFunded as IND08
SRT12iElectromagnetic characterization of materials for industrial applications up to microwave frequenciesFunded as IND02
SRT13iIonizing Radiation Metrology for Metallurgical IndustryFunded as IND04
SRT14iVacuum metrology for production environmentsFunded as IND12
SRT15iMetrology of Small Structures for the Manufacturing of Electronic and Optical DevicesFunded as IND17
SRT16iMetrology to Assess the Durability and Function of Engineered SurfacesFunded as IND11
SRT17iOptical Sensing of Large Objects in Production EngineeringNot funded
SRT18iMetrology for the manufacturing of thin filmsFunded as IND07
SRT19iFlow metrology for industrial process controlNot funded
SRT20iTraceable Dynamic Measurement of Mechanical QuantitiesFunded as IND09
SRT21iHigh Pressure Metrology for Industrial ApplicationsFunded as IND03
SRT22iWeighing instruments for traffic applicationNot funded
SRT23iForce and Torque for industrial applicationsNot funded
SRT24iOptical Metrology for Appearance of Advanced Functional SurfacesNot funded
SRT25iMetrology for Imaging Photometry and UV Radiometry for Industrial applicationsNot funded
SRT26iMetrology for Industrial Quantum Communication TechnologiesFunded as IND06
SRT27iThermal Conductivity metrology for High-Temperature InsulationNot funded
SRT28iHigh Temperature Metrology for Industrial Applications (>1000 °C)Funded as IND01

Selected Research Topics (SRTs) for EMRP Call 2010 - Environment

SRT01eTraceability for global monitoring of key reactive and short-lived compounds in the atmosphereNot funded
SRT02eMetrology for Pressure, Temperature, Humidity and Airspeed in the AtmosphereFunded as ENV07
SRT03eMetrology for carbon capture and storageNot funded
SRT04eMetrology to Support Emissions Trading SchemesNot funded
SRT05eTraceability for Green House GasesNot funded
SRT06eEmerging requirements for measuring pollutants from automotive exhaust emissionsFunded as ENV02
SRT07eMetrology for oceanic salinity and acidificationFunded as ENV05
SRT08eMetrology for oceanic biodiversity monitoring as a climate change indicatorNot funded
SRT09eTraceability for Surface Spectral Solar Ultraviolet RadiationFunded as ENV03
SRT10eMeasurement and characterisation of engineered nanoparticles in the environmentNot funded
SRT11eMetrology for particles and aerosols in airNot funded
SRT12eTraceable measurements for monitoring critical pollutants under the “European Water Framework Directive (WFD-2000/60/EC)"Funded as ENV08
SRT13eMetrology for emerging pollutants and new tools in aquatic environmentsNot funded
SRT14eMetrology for chemical pollutants in airFunded as ENV01
SRT15eMetrology for Nuclear Facilities DischargesNot funded
SRT16eSpectral reference data for atmospheric monitoringFunded as ENV06
SRT17eTraceable Radiometry for Remote Measurement of Climate ParametersFunded as ENV04
SRT18eMetrology for radioactive waste managementFunded as ENV09