EMRP Call 2009 - Energy

The first group of projects under the EMRP Energy theme was finished in 2013. The aim of this theme is to establish the measurement infrastructure necessary to support Europe’s sustainable energy goals. Focus was placed on technologies that support reduced greenhouse gas emissions and the security of Europe’s energy supply.

The Energy theme supported nine EMRP projects involving 39 research groups from European National Metrology Institutes and Designated Institutes alongside researchers from academia and public research organisations. The project researchers also worked with the energy industry – with energy generators and distributors, large scale users and key process equipment and instrumentation suppliers – to ensure the new measurement capabilities met their needs and to transfer the new knowledge and skills generated to end users.

Research was conducted to develop the measurement infrastructure needed to support the introduction of sustainable energy into Europe’s energy mix, accelerate uptake of low carbon technologies and improve the efficiency and security of the existing energy infrastructure. 

Project Number
Short Name
ENG01 GAS Characterisation of Energy Gases
ENG02 Harvesting Metrology for Energy Harvesting Jürgen Melcher (PTB)
ENG03 LNG Metrology for Liquefied Natural Gas Oswin Kerkhof (VSL)
ENG04 SmartGrid Metrology for Smart Electrical Grids Gert Rietveld (VSL)
ENG05 Lighting Metrology for Solid State Lighting Marijn van Veghel (VSL)
ENG06 Powerplants Metrology for Improved Power Plant Efficiency Thomas Lederer (PTB)
ENG07 HVDC Metrology for High Voltage Direct Current Anders Bergman (RISE)
ENG08 MetroFission Metrology for New Generation Nuclear Power Plants
ENG09 Biofuels Metrology for Biofuels Paola Fisicaro (LNE)
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