Quantification of Element Mass Concentrations in Ambient Aerosols by Combination of Cascade Impactor Sampling andMobile Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Seeger S., Osán J., Czömpöly O., Gross A., Stoßnach H., Stabile L., Ochsenkuehn-Petropoulou M., Areti Tsakanika L., Lymperopoulou T., Goddard S., Fiebig M., Gaie-Levrel F., Kayser Y., Beckhoff B.

TXRF, reference method, cascade impactor, ambient aerosols, particles, air qualitymonitoring, element mass concentration, size resolved chemical composition, time resolved chemicalcomposition, ICP-MS

Document type Article
Journal title / Source Atmosphere
Volume 12
Issue 3
Page numbers / Article number 309-326
Publisher's name MDPI
Publication date 2021-2-21
ISSN EISSN 2073-4433
DOI 10.3390/atmos12030309
Language English

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