A unified pH scale for all solvents: part I – intention and reasoning (IUPAC Technical Report)

Radtke V., Camões F., Krossing I., Leito I., Stoica D., Deleebeeck L., Anes B., Heering A., Näykki T., Veltzé S., Roziková M., Quendera R., Liv L., Dániel N., Bastkowski F., Uysal E., Lawrence N.

Chemical potential; differential potentiometry; intersolvental;liquid junction potential; pH; traceability

Document type Article
Journal title / Source Pure and Applied Chemistry
Volume 93
Issue 9
Page numbers / Article number 1049-1060
Publisher's name Walter de Gruyter GmbH
Publication date 2021-7-30
ISSN 0033-4545, 1365-3075
DOI 10.1515/pac-2019-0504
Language English

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