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Intercomparison of Radon Flux Monitors at Low and at High Radium Content Areas under Field Conditions

Rabago, D., Quindos, L., Vargas, A., Sainz, C., Radulescu, I., Ioan, M-R., Cardellini, F., Capogni, M. (Instituto Nazionale di Metrologia delle Radiazioni Ionizzante, ENEA, C.R. Casaccia, P.O. Box 2400, I-00100 Rome, Italy), Rizzo, A., Celaya, S., Fuente, I., Fuente, M., Rodriguez, M. and Grossi, C.

exhalation; traceRadon; proficiency test; interlaboratory comparison

Document typeArticle
Journal title / SourceInternational Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Page numbers / Article number4213
Publisher's nameMDPI AG
Publication date 2022-04

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