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High Performance Predictable Quantum Efficient Detector Based on Induced-Junction Photodiodes Passivated with SiO2/SiNx

Koybasi, O., Nordseth, Ø., Tran, T., Povoli, M., Rajteri, M., Pepe, C., Bardalen, E. (HBV), Manoocheri, F., Summanwar, A., Korpusenko, M., Getz, M.N., Ohlckers, P., Ikonen, E. and Gran, J.

Silicon Photodetector; Inversion Layer Photodiode; Induced-Junction; Surface Pas-Sivation; PECVD Silicon Nitride; Radiometry; Optical Power; Primary Standard; Predictable Quantum Efficiency (1)

Document typeDatasets
Journal title / SourceSensors
Page numbers / Article number7807
Publisher's nameMDPI
ISSNISSN 1424-8220
Web URLhttps://zenodo.org/record/5720711

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