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Good Practice Guide on the operation of AC quantum voltage standards

Kieler, O., Behr, R., Williams, J.M. (NPL, United Kingdom), Malmbekk, H., Ribeiro, L., Cabral, V., Sosso, A., Bruszewski, P., Šíra, M., Sanmamed, Y.A., Caballero, R., Diaz de Aguilar, J., Orhan, R. and Bonfait, G.

Good Practice Guide, quantum standards, alternating voltage, Josephson effect, measurement techniques, uncertainty estimation, software tools, safe operation, cryogenic equipment

Document typeGood Practice Guide
Publisher's nameCzech Metrology Institute
Publisher's address (city only)Brno
Publication date 2018-06-21
Persistent Identifierhttp://acqpro.cmi.cz/index.php/results/28-good-practice-guide

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