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Photodiodes as current source in high-frequency low temperature applications

Gran, Jarle, Malmbekk, Helge and Lind, Kåre

AC Josephson Standard, European Metrology Research Programme, Josephson arbitrary waveform standard, Q-wave project, high frequency current source, high-frequency, low temperature application, photocurrent measurement, photodiode, InGaAs Photodiodes, power supply, reverse bias.

Document typeProceeding
Journal title / SourceCPEM 2014 Digest
Page numbers / Article number266 to 267
Publication date 2014
Conference name29th Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements
Conference date24 to 29 August 2014
Conference placeRio de Janeiro, Brazil
Web URLhttp://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/articleDetails.jsp?arnumber=6898361&refinements%3D4269738697%26sortType%3Dasc_p_Sequence%26filter%3DAND%28p_IS_Number%3A6898219%29

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