Higher-Mode Contact Resonance Operation of a High-Aspect-Ratio Piezoresistive Cantilever Microprobe

Fahrbach M., Peiner E.

MEMS, microprobe, thermal actuator, piezoresistive cantilever, contact resonance

Document type Proceedings
Journal title / Source SMSI 2020 - Sensors and Instrumentation
Volume Chapter A6
Issue 2020
Page numbers / Article number 89-90
Publisher's name AMA Association for Sensors and Measurement
Publication date 2020-6
Conference name SMSI 2020
Conference date 22-06-2020 to 25-06-2020
Conference place Nuremberg, Germany
ISBN 978-3-9819376-2-6
Language English
Persistent Identifier https://www.ama-science.org/proceedings/details/3656

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