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SmartCom Digital System of Units (D-SI) Guide for the use of the metadata-format used in metrology for the easy-to-use, safe, harmonised and unambiguous digital transfer of metrological data

Elo, T., Kuosmanen, P. (Aalto University School of Engineering),  Mustapää, T., Klobucar, R. (University of Maribor), Acko, B., Linkeová, I. (CMI, Prague, Czech Republic), Sýkora, J., Zelený, V. (CMI, Prague, Czech Republic), Smith, I. (NPL), Forbes, A., Rhodes, S., Brown, C., Scheibner, A., Hackel, S.G., Wiedenhöfer, T., Heeren, W., Haertig, F., Hutschenreuter, D., Nikander, P., Hovhannisyan, K., Maennel, O., Muller, B., Heindorf, L. and Paciello, V.

Digital-SI (D-SI) metrology data digital exchange format SmartCom data communication IoT-networking IoT-communication

Document typeGood Practice Guide
Publisher's nameZenodo
Publication date 2019-11
Web URLhttps://zenodo.org/record/3522631#.XlTbaTFKhaQ

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