Coherent Optical-Fiber Link Across Italy and France

Clivati C., Pizzocaro M., Bertacco E.K., Condio S., Costanzo G.A., Donadello S., Goti I., Gozzelino M., Levi F., Mura A., Risaro M., Calonico D., Tønnes M., Pointard B., Mazouth-Laurol M., Le Targat R., Abgrall M., Lours M., Le Goff H., Lorini L., Pottie P.-E., Cantin E., Lopez O., Chardonnet C., Amy-Klein A.

Atomic, optical & lattice clocks, Frequency combs & self-phase locking, Metrology, Optical fibers, Time & frequency standards, Internet

Document type Article
Journal title / Source Physical Review Applied
Volume 18
Issue 5
Publisher's name American Physical Society (APS)
Publisher's address (city only) Ridge, NY, United States
Publication date 2022-11
ISSN 2331-7019
DOI 10.1103/PhysRevApplied.18.054009
Language English

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